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Lucky Dip Box as a Business is simple, it provides the consumer with a stack of retail items that the buyer does not know what is inside the box until it arrives. How does it work? Everyday items from around the world get misdirected to the wrong location, Lucky Dip Box buys all the unopened items in BULK and categorizes them into large boxes after unwrapping them. With different categories you at least get some items close to what you are after. Categories Available: LDB007: Home and Lifestyle Box LDB009: Pets LDB010: Vitamins and Supplements LDB011: Books and Movies LDB012: Crazy Fun Party Box Lucky Dip Boxes have been prepared to be well above the value, specific and guaranteed to blow you away on value. Its fun and everyone will have a laugh.. Order your box today! First on on Qoin 2nd Box Cash. Minimum 2 Boxes Per Order. Contact Garry on 0425360002

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